You’re bound to have questions about your experience. Take a look through these common questions, there’s a good chance you’ll find the answer…We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions which we receive at the AFRICODE inbox. This is a great place to start if you have questions about the organisation and our placement process. This information should answer the majority of questions you may have. If you don’t find your answer here, feel free to contact us via the CONTACT US tab and fill in the form. We will respond to your question as soon as possible.


Upon booking, we provide you with a packing list compiled by past volunteers to assist you with your packing questions..

First, you send in an application. Once approved, we send you a questionnaire to get more of a feel about your interests and experience and we collectively work together to form a placement right for you.  Once we have your placement in place, we give you access to resources via Dropbox.  This includes a language guide with audio tracks, project specific information, volunteer handbook and fundraising information.

  • We are often asked why there are costs involved with volunteering. Initially it may seem surprising but we are here to explain. First, it is good to know that AFRICODE is a registered non-profit organization in Uganda since 2007. This means that we are a non-profit organization and we exist simply to fulfill our mission of connecting volunteers with communities in need.  Although you may not realize it initially, there are all kinds of costs involved in establishing and maintaining successful volunteer programs. At AFRICODE we believe that a successful volunteer program should bring genuine benefits to both the communities we work with and our volunteers. This is more difficult than it may sound and requires us to carefully select, manage and review the projects we are working with. There are also a number of costs involved with the services we offer our volunteers. AFRICODE is a NGO and does not receive any government funding so we are dependent on the fees paid by our volunteers to pay for the services and resources we provide. These services begin before you volunteer when you’ll be assigned an AFRICODE volunteer coordinator to help you prepare for your trip, and continue when you return home when we’ll help you to stay connected to your projects through our newsletters and updates. You’ll of course also receive a whole range of services while you’re volunteering, including airport pick-up, training (if needed), accommodation, meals, supervision, and access to our 24hr emergency line.

Additionally, AFRICODE is a local grass-roots organization who is working hard to make a difference in the community/environment where the majority of people do not have the funds to adequately feed their families, afford health care, or send their children to school. The communities themselves are in need of infrastructure and support and do not have the ability to cover the costs for the much needed assistance a volunteer provides.

We would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge that the cost of volunteering varies between different organizations and we encourage you to do your research carefully. However, we do our best to keep operating costs minimal and keep the volunteer fee as low as possible to keep AFRICODE as the cheapest option available you.  You can be confident that by volunteering with us you will be joining a sustainable and ethical program. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to ask and we’ll be happy to explain in further detail.

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Connect with volunteers via Facebook on our VOLUNTEER RESOURCES tab!


  • We can email you a scanned version of our registration papers and connect you with previous volunteers!


  • No, we open our volunteer programs to people all over the globe. We highly promote positive cross-cultural exchange!


Discounts can be negotiated according to how big the group is.  We do offer special promotions such as waiving the fee for the 5th person in a group to join.  Group fees are available for those going under the supervision of one team leader. Specific details in regards to this can be requested.

We are flexible and understand there are many things that can change.  Contact us to let us know what the issue is and we can see if there is an opening in the time you would like to change to.  However, if we had to deny a volunteer an opening due to your booking, small fees may apply.

We review our in-country fees twice a year and any resulting fee changes will only apply to volunteers who have not yet confirmed their placement.  Once a placement has been confirmed the quoted program fee is valid for a 12-month period.  Any other fee changes will be advised via a news post announcing the change at least one week before the fee change takes place.

Unfortunately we run on a budget from the grass-roots level so if you would like to raise additional funds, we can provide you with examples on how this can be done.

Unfortunately we run on a budget from the grass-roots level so if you would like to raise additional funds, we can provide you with examples on how this can be done.